Masters in Public Administration Programs in the State of Wyoming

Cole Neder

Cole Neder

Updated & Fact Checked: 05.15.2024


Wyoming offers MPA students a unique and enriching educational experience, with opportunities to study environmental policy, economic development, and community engagement in a beautiful and peaceful setting. These factors, combined with Wyoming’s strong economy, commitment to sustainability, and supportive communities, make it an appealing option for students looking to pursue a graduate degree in public administration.

Wyoming’s strategic location near the Rocky Mountains provides students with opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. The state’s stunning landscapes, including Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, offer endless opportunities for hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing.

Wyoming is known for its low population density and wide-open spaces, creating a peaceful and tranquil environment for learning. Laramie, home to the University of Wyoming, offers a welcoming and close-knit community, creating a supportive environment for students.

Wyoming’s economy is driven by industries such as energy, tourism, and agriculture. The state’s strong economy can provide MPA students with opportunities for internships, networking, and potential employment in various government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private sector companies.

MPA Programs in Wyoming

When considering Wyoming for pursuing an MPA degree, the state’s unique blend of natural beauty and Western charm offers several compelling reasons for students to explore this option:

NASPAA-accredited MPA Programs

NASPAA’s mission is to ensure excellence in education and training for public service and to promote the ideal of public service. One of the key benefits of NASPAA accreditation for students is the assurance of quality. Accredited programs have been rigorously evaluated to ensure that they meet the highest standards of academic excellence. 

It’s important for students considering an MPA program in Wyoming to research and evaluate the program based on its own merits and alignment with their career goals, even if it is not NASPAA accredited. Many factors contribute to the quality of an MPA program, and accreditation is just one consideration.

Online MPA Programs

Online MPA programs provide flexibility in scheduling. Students can access course materials and lectures at any time, allowing them to balance their studies with work and other responsibilities. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for mid-career students who may be working full-time or have family obligations. The University of Wyoming offers an online program format:

University of Wyoming

  • Laramie, WY
  • Online + Campus

Accreditation: NCACSHLC

Modality: Online/On-Campus

Credit Hours: 39

GRE: Not required

Resident Tuition: $10,048 (PYR)

Non-Resident Tuition: $18,108 (PYR)

Program Overview:
The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a professional degree focusing on leadership in public service. This program teaches skills for designing and implementing policies, projects, and programs to address societal issues and manage administrative tasks. The University of Wyoming’s MPA Program is tailored for both experienced public officials and students new to public service. It prepares students for leadership and management roles in public and nonprofit sectors at various levels, emphasizing effective and ethical organizational management.

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Accelerated MPA Programs

Participating in a joint degree program, such as an accelerated Master of Public Administration (MPA) combined with another graduate degree, offers several unique benefits. These programs allow students to earn two advanced degrees in less time than it would take to complete each degree separately. For example, the University of Wyoming offers joint MPA degrees with non-profit management and criminal justice.

Affordable MPA Programs

The University of Wyoming, the state’s flagship institution, offers competitive tuition rates ($10,048 per year for in-state students) for its MPA program. Wyoming’s low population density and low cost of living can also contribute to the overall affordability of pursuing an MPA degree in the state.

All MPA Programs in Wyoming

School NameDegree Program NameStateCityNASPAA AccreditedOnline DegreeProgram Link
University of WyomingMaster Of Public AdministrationWyomingLaramieNoNo

What Types of Careers Can I Pursue With an MPA Degree in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, MPA graduates can pursue careers that leverage their skills in public administration, policy analysis, and leadership to make a positive impact on the state’s communities and environment.

One unique career path for MPA graduates in Wyoming is working for the state government. Wyoming’s state government offers a variety of positions that require expertise in public administration, such as program managers, policy analysts, and budget analysts. These roles allow MPA graduates to directly influence state policies and programs that affect Wyoming residents.

Another unique career opportunity for MPA graduates in Wyoming is working for non-profit organizations focused on environmental conservation and sustainability. Wyoming is home to several non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the state’s natural resources and promoting sustainable development. MPA graduates can play a key role in these organizations by developing and implementing programs that address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices.

Additionally, MPA graduates in Wyoming can work in the energy sector, which is a major industry in the state. Wyoming is a leading producer of coal, natural gas, and wind energy, and MPA graduates can use their expertise to work on energy policy, regulatory compliance, and community engagement initiatives in this sector.

Overall, Wyoming offers MPA graduates a range of unique career opportunities in government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector that allow them to make a meaningful impact on the state’s communities and environment.

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