Masters in Public Administration Programs in the State of New Hampshire

Cole Neder

Cole Neder

Updated & Fact Checked: 04.29.2024


As a prospective MPA student considering schools in New Hampshire, you’ll find a state rich in culture, history, and recreational activities. New Hampshire is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including the White Mountains and picturesque lakes. Those interested in culture can explore the state’s many museums, art galleries, and historical sites.

In terms of government roles, New Hampshire offers a unique political landscape as the first state to hold a primary in the presidential election cycle, making it a hub for political activity. The state government provides opportunities for MPA graduates to work in various agencies, shaping public policy and serving the community. A strong tradition of local government means there are numerous roles where MPA graduates can make a direct impact on their communities.

New Hampshire’s history is rich and diverse, with a focus on independence and self-governance. The state played a significant role in the American Revolution and boasts historical sites such as the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth and the Canterbury Shaker Village. This history of independence and community spirit is reflected in the state’s values and culture, making it an inspiring place to study and work in public administration.

MPA Programs in New Hampshire

Institutions in New Hampshire offer high-quality MPA programs that are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field of public administration. An overview of the two MPA programs in the state can be found here:

NASPAA-accredited MPA Programs

While there are currently no institutions in New Hampshire offering MPA programs with NASPAA accreditation, the two programs available in the state still provide valuable education and training in public administration. 

Both the University of New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire University offer MPA programs that include some NASPAA competencies, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and relevant education in the field. While NASPAA accreditation is a recognized mark of quality in public administration education, these programs are still reputable within the state and can provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers in public service.

Online MPA Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the trend towards online education, including MPA programs. Online MPA programs have become more prevalent and accessible, allowing students to pursue their degrees from anywhere in the world without having to relocate or attend classes in person. This is reflected through both online programs in the State of New Hampshire, summarized here:

University of New Hampshire

  • Durham, NH
  • Online + Campus

Accreditation: NEASCCIHE

Modality: Online/On-Campus

Credit Hours: 36

GRE: Not required

Resident Tuition: $28,260 (TTL)

Non-Resident Tuition: $31,140 (TTL)

Program Overview:
The Carsey School offers an online Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) program designed to prepare students for strategic roles in public and nonprofit institutions. Students can join their online cohort in the fall or spring and complete the degree in as little as 12 months. The program is widely recognized and sought after, providing an edge in the competitive public service sector. The Executive MPA track is available for mid-career professionals with at least 5 years of relevant experience, allowing them to reduce their credit load and earn their degree in 12 months while saving on tuition.

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Southern New Hampshire University

  • Manchester, NH
  • Online

Accreditation: NEASCCIHE

Modality: Online

Credit Hours: 30

GRE: Not required

Tuition: $19,110 (TTL)

Program Overview:
Southern New Hampshire University offers an online MBA in Public Administration program designed for students seeking advanced knowledge in navigating the public sector at a leadership level. The program features accessible 24/7 online classes with no set class times, allowing for flexibility. Students can earn embedded credentials along the way and participate in optional live webinars led by faculty. The curriculum applies business strategy to public policy and does not require GRE/GMAT scores for admission.

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Accelerated MPA Programs

An accelerated MPA program in New Hampshire, such as the programs offered at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), offer several perks. Both the regular MPA program and the executive track can be completed in a relatively short time frame, with the executive track taking just one year and the regular program taking 16 months. This allows students to earn their degree quickly and enter the workforce sooner.

Additionally, both programs at UNH and Southern New Hampshire University are 100% online, offering flexibility for students who may be working or have other commitments. This online format allows students to complete coursework from anywhere, making it accessible to a wider range of students.

Affordable MPA Programs

Tuition affordability in New Hampshire can vary depending on the institution and program. Public universities in New Hampshire, such as the University of New Hampshire (UNH), typically offer more affordable tuition rates for in-state residents ($28,000 in total MPA program tuition for in-state residents at UNH) compared to out-of-state or private institutions.

Additionally, online programs, such as the MPA programs at UNH and Southern New Hampshire University, may offer competitive tuition rates for both in-state and out-of-state students. SNHU offers competitive tuition for all students, only charging $19,000 in tuition rates for their online MPA program.

What Types of Careers Can I Pursue With an MPA Degree in New Hampshire?

In the State of New Hampshire, there are plenty of opportunities in public administration that are unlike any other jobs across the United States. MPA graduates might find unique job opportunities such as:

  • Mount Washington Observatory Executive Director: The Mount Washington Observatory, located on the summit of Mount Washington, provides weather data, research, and educational programs. The executive director oversees the organization’s operations, including research, education, and public outreach.
  • New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officer: Conservation officers in New Hampshire are responsible for enforcing fish, game, and boating laws, as well as conducting wildlife management activities. They work to protect New Hampshire’s natural resources and wildlife populations.
  • State Forester: The State Forester in New Hampshire oversees the management and protection of the state’s forests. They work to ensure sustainable forestry practices, protect against wildfires, and promote conservation efforts.
  • Director of the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources: This role involves overseeing the preservation and promotion of New Hampshire’s historical and cultural resources, including historic sites, artifacts, and archives.
  • Coordinator of the New Hampshire Coastal Program: This position involves managing and coordinating efforts to protect and preserve New Hampshire’s coastal resources, including coastal habitats, water quality, and marine ecosystems.

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